CH Corn Row Ravage EWDII is a chip off the old block, and is following in his father’s (Tyler) footsteps. He is too a fierce competitor in the show ring and has his AKC and UKC Championships. Ravage exhibits keen independence in the field and is taking to his work nicely, having earned his EWDII title and is looking for one additional quarry to complete his GREWC title. At home he is still a goofy puppy, full of mischief but willing to please.

Hard pressed to be an improvement of his father, Ravage may have done so. He has as small a chest, more flexibility, a narrower front and a longer neck, in addition to the characteristic fluid movement, terrific top-line, head, bone and great coat of his father. Ravage is a young dog worthy of consideration for any breeding program.

CH Corn Row Ravage EWDII is registered in the JRTCA, the AKC , the UKC, FCI and ARBA as befitting a Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier of his caliber.

Sire: CH Corn Row TylerGREWCH
T&W – Broken – 13″

UKC GRWECH & JRTCA Bronze Medallion
Conformation Championships in AKC,UKC,ARBA,JRTAA, 1997 JRTCA National Champion, 1998 JRTAA National Championship

Sire:  Windermere Solo T&W – Broken – 12 3/””
JRTCA Bronze Medallion
Sire: Tenor of Crossewinds T&W – Rough – 11 1/2″
Sire: Sayner’s Digger II
Dam: Tuppence (Jones)
Dam: Windermere Wasp T&W – Rough – 11″
Sire: Tek of Windermere
Dam: Fox Run Risk
Tri – Broken – 12 1/2″
Dam: Rooson Tink
Tri – Smooth – 11″
Sire: Foxwarren Warlock Tri – Broken – 13 1/2″
Sire:Foxwarren Dodger II
Dam: Foxwarren Psycho
B&W – Smooth – 12
Dam: Rooson Contessa
White – Smooth – 11″
Sire: First-In-First-Out
T&W – Smooth – 11 1/2″
Dam: Rooson Shadow I
Tri – Smooth -12″
Dam: Meynell Carly
of Corn Row
T&W – Smooth – 13 1/2″
Sire: Meynell Crash T&W – Smooth –
Sire: Glencoyn Todd White – Smooth – 13″ Sire: Rory (Odgen)
Dam: Sting (Ogden)
Dam: Crazy of the Meynell B&W – Smooth – 12″
Sire: Chip of Foxmoor
Dam: Silver
Dam: Ruby of the Meynell

T&W – Smooth – 13″

Sire: Boot
Sire: Meynell Axeman
Dam: Badger  
Dam: Cindy I
Sire: Meynell Rastus
Dam: Rags