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Corn Row Parson Russell Terriers

CH Corn Row Tyler


Corn Row Kennels, a breeder of Parson Russell Terrier, Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier is a small kennel located in the hills of the central Kentucky horse country, USA. The kennel consists of working Parson, Russell and Jack Russell Terriers built for the conformation show ring. Dedicated to serious earth work, every effort is made to insure that all terriers are proven in the hunt field prior to use in the breeding program. Corn Row terriers are bred to work and to win.

Four of the foundation terriers hold JRTCA Bronze Medallions for Special Merit in The Field, the highest honor awarded within that association, and many others have earned legs toward the JRTCA Bronze Medallion award. Several of those same terriers, as well as most remaining dogs have earned one or more legs toward Master Hunt Dog Titles provided by Earthworkers Unlimited, Inc. and now hold GREWCH UKC Earth Working titles. The remaining individuals are in various stages of training. This show and working kennel is dedicated to maintaining the Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier as a working terrier and as such, the dogs can be found in the field at least 6 months of the year. Corn Row Terriers provide area land owners with the traditional hunt services afforded the English landowner.

The very same Parson Russell, Russell and Jack Russell Terriers who are in the field today are regularly exhibited at shows nationally and internationally, earning numerous Conformation Championships, Best Working Terrier Awards, multiple Reserves, and Bests. Several of the Corn Row Terriers hold Championships in multiple venues. Generally, they are always "in the ribbons". Corn Row registers terriers with the American Kennel Club and the UKC.

Strict adherence to the breed standard is one measure used in the breeding program. Another is the adherence to the practice of using only genetically clean animals for breeding. All terriers are BAER tested for normal hearing and are annually CERF tested and Cerf Certified. The goal is to produce Parson, Russell and Jack Russell Terrier Puppies who are genetically clean, structurally correct individuals with the tractability of temperament and the intelligence to perform in the field, to be a competitor in the show-ring and to be a pleasure to have in the home. Corn Row is a member kennel of the RoHM Register of Health and Merit for all Parson, Russell and (Jack) Russell Terriers registered or otherwise. Additionally, Corn Row Kennel's owner is a member of the Blue Grass Parson Russell Terrier Club, Inc, Earthworkers Unlimited, Inc and the PRTAA.

The Corn Row motto is that a hunting dog must show and a show dog must hunt. In order to do both well, he must be a well rounded individual. Corn Row is dedicated to keeping this terrier true to his heritage as an earthworking terrier as well as a show dog and companion. There is no need to compromise, and Corn Row terriers are proof that this breed can and should be a terrier that can do it all and do it well.

The Lurchers

Lurchers Running

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