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The quest for the quarry used to season and train the Corn Row terriers and lurchers has brought many wonderful experiences to me personally as well as to my dogs. These experiences gleaned from the friendships solidified in the hunt field over the years have added tremendously to the resumes of my individual dogs as well as to the Kennel itself. The friendships developed over many holes dug are irreplaceable. The wealth of my own knowledge could not have accrued without the trust and confidence placed in me by those venturing into the field with me. I am truly grateful and blessed for the shared good times provided by true friends. The following photographs are a small tribute to those friends, tried and true.

Suzie in St Louie

Lazy days of summer with Margie Kauffman

On the back 40 with George Fister

Missouri with Molly Harsh

Rick Brennen, Nancy & Dick Fenton

Farmer's Playground

House hunting with Nancy Fenton

"American Gothic" Revisited

Pam, Grip and Yvonne

Yvonne Moore and Connie McKee

Hunting on the creek
Mickie Smith, Grip and Pam

Snowflake from my farm 4/2003
by Trouble, Waylon Ramming and myself