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The field section of our site is devoted to our friends who venture into the field to test the metal of their dogs, gain knowledge and experience regarding earthwork and for the camaraderie with kindred spirits. Crazy as it sounds individuals can and do derive enjoyment from digging dogs out of the ground.

Earthwork is strenuous and can often be tedious, it is not for the faint of heart. Weather conditions can be sever, either hot, cold, wet or snowy. Digging conditions are always dirty, sometimes the soil is loose and easily moved, other times the ground is as hard as concrete. What ever the conditions most who love the activity will always agree there is nothing as gratifying as a good dig with good terriers and good friends.

Our Friend section is a collection of photographs taken over the years here at Corn Row with many of our earthworking buddies.  Many hours have been happily spent digging holes in the ground, joking, teasing and gettin down n dirty with friends. Thanks guys for all the laughs.

The second section is devoted to the Corn Row Lurchers who are an important part of our earthworking team, as well as trusted and much loved four-legged friends. These wonderful creatures guard the yard, protect the terriers in the field and make the most amazing saves at a dig.