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Grip (left) passed away November 2006
Goldie (right)
passed away December 2010

Photo Courte
sy of Yates Colby, MT


New Lurcher Puppies
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Shep X Gabby
6 Males & 4 female


Corn Row Kennels has chosen to devote the following pages to honor some very important members of our hunt team, the lurchers, Grip, Goldie, Gabby and the new additions, Shep and Sassy.  Traditional Lurchers are mixes, crossbred sight hounds to herding dogs. Each hunter utilizes various dog breeds to cross onto, usually either Greyhound or Whippets to Collies or Deer Hounds, depending on his specific purpose. The breeding lines exhibited in the Lurchers maintained by Corn Row can be traced to the English Hancock lines which utilize collie/greyhound crosses.  Lurchers are sometimes referred to as Gypsy Dogs as they were often utilized to steal chickens, etc. from the farmers.  Aptly named, nothing lying within reach is off-limits to these imps. More often now days, lurchers are utilized for lamping hares in the English countryside and occasionally a poaching foray.


 Grip of Corn Row


 Photo by Scott Kauffman

The senior Lurcher, Grip, now deceased and is greatly missed by all who knew him.  He was a treasure both at home and in the field.  Grip, truly a kind soul, was gentle in demeanor and intelligent beyond belief. He loved his terriers and would lay on the ground allowing puppies to climb on him. He was extremely obedient and willing to please, more often than not if I "thought it" an he would do it. Grip was always on alert, giving tongue at the slightest unfamiliar noise or stranger on the farm.  Each morning he greeted me with a smile, exposing all of his very large teeth. He would also grin on the command "give me a grin".

In the field, Grip was my shadow, never venturing far, except to utilize some shade while waiting for the hole to be opened or to stand motionless waiting for quarry to bolt from a exit hole. He knew the drill and very often would be at the right spot to lend a hand without any prompting from his humans. Often in large open areas Grip would course and explore the field, finding and marking live holes.

Goldie, is more rambunctious than Grip not only because she is a bit younger but also because she is full of mischief. She is a clown as well as a thief, you cannot leave anything where she can get to it or it will disappear in a flash. Due to injuries sustained in an unfortunate accident, Goldie has been retired from the field, and now serves as a universal blood donor for my Veterinarian. To date she has saved multiple canine lives. She lives the life of luxury as a home companion and couch potato.


                                                        Gabby of Corn Row
The end of August 2003 marked a new chapter for Corn Row Kennels with the addition of a Lurcher puppy to the hunt team. We are privileged to have imported Gabby from David Hancock, renowned worldwide for his breeding of traditional lurchers. Pictured at four months of age, Gabby has wonderful outgoing attitude with people, as well as dogs. She has a fun loving spirit, is most biddable and very quick to learn. Grip was at first not so sure he appreciated her enthusiasm, but was tolerant of her enthusiasm. Very quickly they were inseparable, until Grips passing. Now that Shep is in residence Gabby is much more herself, she again has a buddy.



  Photo by Yates Colby


Champion Shep of Corn Row

First Annual High Hopes Lurcher Race Champion

Shep was a very lucky find for Corn Row Kennels. Bred by Glen Westmoreland, Huntsman for the Woodford Hounds in Kentucky, Shep is a mature male of 3 years. He is not only a pleasure to look at but a treat to be with.  This guy is built to handle anything he is put to, from rabbit to coyote, both of which he has worked. This season, 2008 he will be introduced to the Kentucky wild game.

Shep has a superb temperament, is extremely biddable and very intelligent. He greets me at the back gate as did Grip, but he yodels to me instead of grinning at me.  The dog bonded to me and the terriers immediately, Gabby took her time. She did not allow him into the Lurcher house for nearly 3 days. We are looking forward to a litter of lurchers as soon as Gabby is in the mood. These are traditional English Hancock lines and will be excellent workers and companions.

                    Photo by Judy Jones                                                   Photo by Yates Colby 





Sassy of Corn Row

Sassy is another new acquisition for Corn Row. She is a half sister to Shep out of a lovely Greyhound bitch, also an avid hunter. Just 3.5 months pictured below, she is full of life and has plenty of spunk. At the moment she is all legs and feet but is amazingly agile for her age. Sassy is a very quick study, greeting humans and animals with grace. She has made her first long distance road trip meeting the challenges with no problem. She has also mastered the heel and come commands with extreme ease. We look forward to her training this year.

     Sassy at 11 weeks

                                                                                       Photo by Yates Colby                                                                                        
                                                         Sassy at nine months