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Whelped:   May 28, 1995
Health:  BAER normal, CERF # JR-524/2003--92
Coat:  Broken
Colour:   Tri
Height:   11 3/4"

Sire: Garon's Sailor
Dam:  Windermere Alibi

Windermere Antic of Corn Row is a excellent example of the breed who is a mere 11.75” tall, but does not suffer from the small dog syndrome. “Annie” has excellent head and bone, angles on both ends, a superb coat, a lovely long neck and very small chest. She is smart, very tractable, talented in the field, flexible of body and an excellent producer of quality offspring. To date she has 5 champions of record, CH Corn Row Alpha, EWDI CH Corn Row Tawney, EWDI CH Corn Row Thyme, GREWC CH Corn Row Trouble and CH Corn Row Illusion from litters sired by GREWCH CH Corn Row Tyler and GREWC Meynell Rasputin of Corn Row.  All but one of these quality offspring have finished their UKC and AKC conformation championships and have obtained their natural hunting titles from UKC as well as EWU.

Annie is passing on all her virtues to her offspring as well as to her grand get, most are not only doing well in the show ring but are taking well to their fieldwork, while remaining tractable and biddable. Annie and Tyler have crossed well, kept the size of the kids to 12” and slightly over, while maintaining the small compressible chests and body flexibility so necessary to field work. This cross has been one of the best Corn Row breedings and all these kids are well on the way to establishing themselves as truly quality Jack Russell Terriers.   The cross with Rasputin has also produced the same excellent qualities in the offspring.

Sire: Garon's Sailor

T&W - Rough - 14"
Reg. No. JRTCA E36-93

Sire: Ullswater Shifter

T&W - Rough - 13 1/2"
Reg. No. BA 1137-95

Sire: Ullswater Sovereign


Sire: Ullswater Jock

Dam: Blencathra Dazzle

Dam: Pickle (Walker)


Sire: Butch (Ramsdon)

Dam: Pip (Corby)

Dam: Jill (Garon)

T&W - Rough - 13 1/2"
Reg. # BA 1089-95

Sire: Garon's Nip

Sire: Rascal (Corby)

Dam: Guille (Stockdale)

Dam: Judy (Garon)

Sire: Brusher (Bicester Hunt)

Dam: Jill (Bicester Hunt)
Tri - Smooth -12"
Dam: Windermere Alibi

Tri - Broken - 11"
Reg. No.


Sire: Riverview Flare

Tri - Broken - 13"
Reg. No. A 162-87 JRTCA


Sire: Tag of Windermere

T&W - Rough - 13 1/2"
Reg. No. E39-86 JRTCA

Sire: Rip (Spoor)
Reg. No. BA 1302-95
Dam: Sherry (Spoor)

Dam: Riverview Little Stitches

Tri - Broken - 10"
Reg. No. A98-86 JRTCA

Sire: Foxwarren Floyd
Reg. No. E95-83 JRTCA
Dam: Riverview Little Zipper
Reg. No. A141-83 JRTCA
Dam: Blencathra Sarah

T&W - Rough - 11 3/4"
Reg. No. A148-87 JRTCA

Sire: Winterwatch Murphy

Reg. No. A173-84 JRTCA

Sire: Foxwarren Sinbad II
T&W - Smooth - 11"
Dam: Foxwarren Nelly

Dam: Blencathra Nettle
Tri - Rough - 12 1/4"
Reg. No. A126-84 JRTCA
Sire: Foxwarren Tiger

Dam: Blencathra Dorset

: Linda Cowasjee, VA