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Whelped:   December 14, 1996
Reg:   AKC, JRTCA, UKC, ARBA   Championships in AKC and UKC &  UKC EWDII
Health:   BAER normal, CERF #JR-245/2001--60, OFA #JT-25E31M-T
Coat:  Broken
Colour:   Tri
Height:   14"

Sire:  Pentrych Spud
Dam:  Pentrych Meg

CH Pentrych Sid of Corn Row is an English import going back to some of England's finest stock. Sid started and finished his show-ring duties with enthusiasm, earning both his AKC and UKC championships. He is long of stride, balanced both coming and going, and has plenty of attitude.

Sid has personality plus and is always willing to please, except when his "Jack Russell" genes dictate otherwise. Sid is now a seasoned worker and always gets his game. He goes deep, sticks and is a very intelligent worker. He shows amazing eagerness and intelligence for his age, and holds multiple NHCs to groundhog and raccoon.

Sid offers tremendous bone, substance, narrow front, flexibility and extreme angulation and fluid movement. Watch for Sid's offspring in the show ring in the coming months in the AKC and UKC.


Sire: Pentrych Spud

Sire: Scrap (D. Jones)

Tri - Broken - 12 3/4"
Reg. No.

Sire: Pathfinder Satan

Tri - Rough - 13 1/2"
Reg. No. E 83-86 JRTCA

Sire: Dodger of Foxwarren
Reg. No. 461-82 JRTCGB
Dam: Foxwarren Flight
Dam: Trim

Reg. No. RM 174317/01

Sire: Toby (D. Jones)
Reg. No. BA 1448-95
Dam: Jess (T. Varney)

Dam: Sayner's Dot

Sire: Harfield Dan

T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. No. BA 1313-95

Sire: Nuggett (Hyland)
Dam: Snip (O'Connell)
Tri- Smooth - 11 1/2"
Dam: Tess (B. Sayner)


Sire: Sam (B. Sayner)
White - Smooth - 13 1/2"
Dam: Trouble (R. Bigland)
Dam: Pentrych Meg

Sire: Mick (D. Wilcox)


Sire: Digger (D. Wilcox)

Sire: Titan

Dam: Rose

Dam: Jess (D. Wilcox)


Sire: Jake

Dam: Spade (D. Wilcox)

Dam: Tess (D. Wilcox)

Sire: Spade (D. Wilcox)

Sire: Satan

Dam: Bella

Dam: Molly (D. Wilcox)


Sire: Max

Dam: Rosa


Geriant Davies, U.K.