Whelped:  October 18, 2000
Reg:  AKC, UKC   Championship in AKC, UKC, GEWCH, EWU Master Hunt Dog
Health:  BAER normal,  CERF PR-329/2008--96
PLL Clear


Coat: Broken
Colour:  Tri
Height: 12"

Sire: CH Corn Row Tyler GREWCH
Dam: Windermere Antic of Corn Row

EWDI CH Corn Row Thyme is a little 12” bundle with all the show attitude you could use.  She is a clown on lead and definitely says “look at me”, playing the crowds at shows.  Thyme has it all, great attitude, great coat, narrowness, small chest, great angles and can she move.  Shown briefly as a puppy, the judges rewarded her nearly every time with Reserve Winners Bitch, now an adult she has completed her AKC championship well as as completed her UKC CH title with A Best Bitch at the EARTHWORKERS, Unlimited Specialty in NC, Feb. 2003 and a Group II in the Fall Mt. Vernon, IL show.

To date she boasts 3 Best of Breed awards.  Watch for more from this little stick of dynamite.  Already she has shown willingness to work quarry, she has performed brilliantly to Raccoon and Ground Hog, earning her EWDI title.  She has all the right stuff and is worth watching this coming year.


Sire: CH Corn Row Tyler GEWCH

T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. No. JRTCA A442-92 AKC RM181976/01
UKC GREWCH & JRTCA Bronze Medallion

Sire: Windermere Solo

T&W - Broken - 12 3/4"
Reg. No. 208-92A JRTCA
JRTCA Bronze Medallion


Sire: Tenor of Crossewinds

T&W - Rough - 11 1/2"
Reg. No. 180-91W JRTCA

Sire: Sayner's Digger II
Reg. No. BA 646-95

Dam: Tuppence (D. Jones)
Reg. No. BA 102-95

Dam: Windermere Wasp

T&W - Rough - 11"
Reg. No. A39-90 JRTCA

Sire: Tek of Windermere
Re. No. E192089 JRTCA

Dam: Fox Run Risk
Tri- Broken - 12 1/2"

Dam: Rooson Tink

Tri - Smooth - 11”
Reg. No. A296-92 JRTCA

Sire: Foxwarren Warlock

Tri - Broken - 13 1/2"
Reg. No. E 90-90JRTCA

Sire: Foxwarren Warlock
Tri - Broken - 13 1/2"
Reg. No. E 90-90JRTCA

Dam: Foxwarren Psycho
Reg. No. 44-88GB


Dam: Rooson ContessaWhite - Smooth - 11"

Sire: First-In-First-Out
T&W - Smooth - 11 1/2"
Dam: Rooson Shadow I
Tri - Smooth -12"

Dam:Windermere Antic of
Corn Row

T&W - Rough - 12"
Reg. No. AKC #RM216086/01

Sire: Garon's Sailor

T&W - Rough - 14"
Reg. No. E 36-93 JRTCA

Sire: Ullswater Shifter

T&W - Rough - 13 1/2"
Reg. No. BA 1137-95

Sire: Ullswater Sovereign
Dam: Pickle (Walker)

Dam: Jill (Garon)

T&W - Rough - 13 1/2"
Reg. No. BA 1098-95

Sire: Garon's Nip
&W - Rough - 13"
Dam: Judy (Garon)
&W - Rough - 14"

Dam: Windermere Alibi

Tri - Broken - 11"
Reg. No.




Sire: Riverview Flare

Tri - Broken - 13"
Reg. No. A 162-87

Sire: Tag of Windermere
Ret. No. E39-86 JRTCA

Dam: Riverview Little Stitches
Reg. No. A98-96

Dam: Blencathra Sarah

T&W - Rough 11 1/2"
Reg. No. A148-87 JRTCA

Sire: Winterwatch Murphy
Reg. No. A173-84
Dam: Blencathra Nettle
Reg. No. A126-84 JRTCA


Pamela Simmons, Kentucky