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Corn Row is proud to announce its long term participation in both the UC Davis and University of Missouri genetic research for Eye Diseases in the breed. The University of Missouri has identified the gene causing the egregious condition known as Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) for the canine. A simple DNA cheek swab will give breeders the opportunity to identify which of their breeding stock may carry the gene producing PLL. By selectively breeding of non carriers to non carriersand non carriers to carriers of the PLL gene the horrid condition can be eliminated.

Always on the cutting edge of genetic testing for the breeds, Corn Row has had over the years, 19 dogs registered to date in both University studies, and has an additional 8 dogs yet to be tested. As soon as the results are forth coming on each dog, the results will be posted on this web site as well as the RoHM Register. Corn Row considers it is part of the solution rather than part of the problem. We will not and have never bred affected dogs.

Check back with us from time to time as Corn Row Terriers hit the show ring earning their championships or enter the hunt field earning their working certificates. Follow our puppies as they mature and enter the world of the show and working dog. As events happen at Corn Row with the terriers and their people, we'd love to be able to share it with you; so please do stop back by. Corn Row Terriers are registered with The American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club. Corn Row Kennels proudly supports generic testing of all breeding terriers and we are registered with the RoHM Register of Health and Merit for the Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier. Owner Pam Simmons is a member of the AKC Blue Grass Parson Russell Terrier Club, the UKC Earthworkers, Unlimited, Inc and the American Working Terrier Association, The American Russell Terrier Club,  The Lexington Kennel Club and the PRTAA

Parson Russell Terriers

Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex
for a 4 point major


CH Corn Row Riddle

Best of Breed
Best Bred By & Bred By Group 3

CH Corn Row Uno

Russell Terriers

AKC Eukanuba National Championship
Award of Excellence & Best Bred By

CH Elk Creek Breeze of Corn Row CM

Parson Russell Terriers

Best of Breed

CH Corn Row Cashe

Best of Breed

CH Corn Row Diva

Winners Bitch

Corn Row Riddle

Russell Terrier

Best of Breed

Elk Creek Breeze of Corn Row CM


Best of Breed

Elk Creek Breeze

Pictured with co-breeder JoAnn Stoll
Judge Patricia Johnson

BGPRTC Specialty 

           UKC Best in Multi-Breed Show 


UKC Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show


    AKC Group 2      


UKC Group 2

CH Corn Row Traveler


UKC Best in Multi-Breed Show


UKC 2006 Top Ten Best of Breed                    UKC 2006 Top Ten Finals


Corn Row breeds litters that are sound of body, healthy and above all are sound of temperament. They are dogs that you can live with as is seen below. pictured right and keft are the Lambers sisters with Max. Pictured in the middle is Natalie Rice with Pi.


Litter Whelped:     

Adoption Candidates:
The following listed dogs are available to qualified and approved homes. Each prospective adoptive candidate is BAER normal and has been CERF certified at the last testing date. Each dog has a microchip and is current on all vaccinations.  A nominal fee plus shipping expenses is required of any perspective adoptive home.

         CH Corn Row Twig, new owner of          
       Linda (pictured) and Mark Payne of KY      


Health Foundations

Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)    Canine Health Foundation (CHF)

Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA)   

Medical References

ASPCA: Animal Poison Control Center (APCC)

Coonhound Paralysis  Ehrlichiosis, A Silent and Deadly Killer

Animal CPR  
Dog Owner's Guide: First aid Kit

Alternative Veterinary Medicine  

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