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Whelped:   April 22, 1995
Health:   BAER normal, CERF # JR-174/2006--130,
OFA # JT-24E50M-T  PLL Clear
Coat:  Broken
Colour:   Black & White
Height:   12"

Sire:  Beacon Sam
Dam:  Reever of the Meynell

GREWC Meynell Rasputin of Corn Row is by the immortal Beacon Sam and imported from the world renowned Meynell Kennel. Rasputin has proven his weight in gold in the hunt field. He has become a solid dependable worker with a recall button. He holds JRTCA NHCs to Ground Hog and Raccoon and has now finished his UKC championship with a fox.

Rasputin boasts very small size at only 12", with an extremely small chest & narrow front. He is a wonderful moving dog, with extreme flexibility and abundant angulation. He excels at sizing down tall bitches, adding angulation and stamping his outgoing personality on his offspring. Rasputin is always on his toes and is an energetic little package who has never met a stranger. He is a valued addition to anyone's breeding program.

Sire: Beacon Sam

B&W - Smooth - 13"

Sire: Jack of the Beacon

T&W - Rough - 13 1/2"

Sire: Garon's Nip

T&W - Rough - 13"

Sire: Rascal (Corby)

Dam: Guille (Stockdale)

Dam: Vixen

Sire: Moss (Garon)
Dam: Tinker (Garon)
Dam: Kelly of the Beacon

Black & White - Broken - 13 1/2"

Sire: Moss (Garon)

Sire: Bullet (J. Price)

Dam: Nell (J. Price)

Dam: Tinker (Garon)


Sire: Ranter (John Winch)

Dam: Brandy

Dam: Reever of the Meynell


Sire: Rascal of the Meynell

T&W - Broken - 14"


Sire: Rebel of Foxwarren

T&W - Smooth - 14"

Sire: Eskdale & Ennerdale Toby
Dam: Tinker (Greg Cumbria)

Dam: Garlowski's Bracken

Sire: Meynell Rory
T&W - Smooth - 13"
Dam: Mather's Genta
T&W - Smooth - 13"
Dam: Arlington Briar

Sire: Heythrop Tinker

Sire: Adsett's George (Jaws)
Reg. No. 246-80 JRTCGB
Dam: Heythrop Thistle
Reg. No. BA 1229-95
Dam: Trixie of Arlington


Sire: Adsett's Willy
T&W - Broken - 13 1/2"
Dam: Heythrop Tawny


Greg Mousley, U.K.