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Whelped: September 25, 1992
Reg:   AKC, JRTCA, UKC, ARBA, Intertnational.
Championships in AKC, UKC, ARBA, JRTAA,
Intertnational 1997 JRTCA National Working
Champion, 1998 JRTAA National Champion

Health: BAER normal, CERF # PR-164/2007--173,
OFA # JT16G68M-T  PLL Carrier


Color: Tan & White

Sire: Windermere Solo
Dam: Rooson's Tink

CH Corn Row Tyler is a formidable competitor in the show ring and a formidable contender in the field. Ty lives to hunt. At home he is playful and loving, always a gentleman. He has excellent conformation allowing for his superb fluid movement. Other attributes include excellent bone and substance, a strong masculine head, long neck, terrific top-line, flexibility, a very narrow front and most importantly, a small chest.

Bred to a variety of dams, Tyler is producing exceptional get, passing on all of his attributes to his offspring. To date he has sired, EWD II CH Corn Row Ravage, CH Corn Row Tawney EWD II, CH Corn Row Alpha, EWD I CH Corn Row Thyme, GREWC CH Corn Row Trouble, CH Corn Row Tango, CH Corn Row Twig, CH Corn Row Triston and is grand sire to CH Corn Row Bristle, CH Corn Row Bonus, CH Corn Row Evan, CH Corn Row Impression, CH Corn Row Raven, CH Corn Row Short Cut, Nat. CH Corn Row Riven and CH Corn Row Sly.

Tyler is one of the first dogs to receive the Advanced RoHM designation and one of the first 5 Jack Russell Terriers to receive an invitation to participate in the prestigious Westminster Show for 2000. Tyler is probably the most titled Jack Russell Terrier in the world and has proven himself in every arena including winning the 1997 Working Terrier Champion at the JRTCA National Trial, the 1998 JRTAA National Champion, UKC, ARBA and FCI championships. Add to his show ring titles the coveted Bronze Medallion for outstanding merit in the hunt field (NHC to Red Fox, Raccoon, Groundhog and Opossum) as a working terrier, as well as the UKC Grand Earthworking Championship(GREWCH) and Corn Row Tyler is truly a sire of distinction and a positive addition to any breeding program.

It has been a tremendous honor to have been fortunate enough to have bred, owned and worked with a terrier of this caliber. He is a one in a million and a once in a lifetime Jack Russell Terrier, and as he retires after Westminster 2001, I can only pray that I am able to continue his legacy with the style and grace he has afforded me. He has taught me much and hopefully well enough that I will not forget what it is all about, which is Protecting and Preserving the Jack Russell Terrier for the Future.


  Sire: Windermere Solo
Tan/White-Boken-12 3/4"
Reg. No. 208-92A JRTCA

JRTCA Bronze Medallion

Sire: Tenor of Crossewinds

T&W - Rough - 11 1/2"
Reg. No. 180-91W JRTCA

Sire: Sayner's Digger II

T&W - Rough - 12 1/2"
Reg. No. BA 646-95

Sire: Scrap  D. Jones
Tri - Broken - 12 3/4"
Dam: Sayner's Dot
Dam: Tuppence

T&W - Rough - 12 1/2”
Reg. No. BA 1020-95

Sire: Scrap (D. Jones)
Tri - Broken - 12 3/4"
Dam: Tanner (J. Harris)

Dam: Windermere Wasp

Tan & White-Rough-11”
Reg. No. 39-90A JRTCA
JRTCA Bronze Medallion

Sire: Tek of Windermere

T&W - Rough - 11 1/2"
Reg. No. 239-86E JRTCA
< b>JRTCA Bronze Medallion

Sire: Harfield Dan
T&W - Broken - 13"
Dam: Jill (D. Jones)
Tri- Smooth - 11 1/2"
Dam: Fox Run Risk

Tri - Broken - 13"
Reg. No. 108-88A JRTCA

Sire: Riverview Flare of
Fox Run   Tri - Broken - 13"
Dam: Heliwr Chance
Tri - Rough -13"

Dam: Rooson Tink

Tri - Smooth - 11"
Reg. No. A 296-92 JRTCA

Sire: Foxwarren Warlock

Tri - Broken - 13 1/2"
Reg. No. E 90-90 JRTCA


Sire: Foxwarren Dodger II

Reg No. 54-88 JRTCGB

Sire: Toddy of Foxwarren
Reg. No. 100-86 JRTCGB
Dam: Foxwarren Nettle
Reg. No. 35-88GB
Dam: Foxwarren Psycho

Reg No. 44-88 JRTCGB

Sire: Dixy of Foxwarren
Reg. No. 34-84GB
Dam: Foxwarren Ticker

Dam: Rooson Contessa

White - Smooth - 11"

Sire: First-In-First-Out

T&W - Smooth - 11 1/2"

Sire: S.U. Crew Chief
Dam: Jennifer Jones
Dam: Rooson Shadow

Tri - Smooth - 12"

Sire: Redgate Ashely
Dam: Bear Creek Bold Becky


Pamela P. Simmons, Kentucky